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Please make note that the new regulation from Transport Canada came in force on June 1st, 2019.
Transport Canada New Rules on the Use of Model Aircraft
However MAAC members in good status are exempted provided they abide by the 15 conditions attached to the exemption.

To view a copy of the exemption in english Click here
Pour voir une copie de l'exemption en français cliquer ici

Please also note that we still need to identify all of our aircrafts as per MAAC safety code.
The minimum requirement is:

MAAC ID: 99876
Contact or 1-855-359-6222

If you are NOT a member of MAAC you are subject to the new Part IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and as a minimum you need to do the following before flying your aircraft/drone/etc.

Register your drone with Transport Canada before you fly it for the first time.
Mark your drone with its registration number.
Pass the Small Basic Exam.
Be able to show your Pilot Certificate for Basic Operations and proof of registration when you fly.

Once you done this you need to study the rules carefully, the fines for violations are very steep.

See "Coming Events" Page for a complete Calendar of all Club events and main Zone events.

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